Captains Of Crush Hand Grippers - 7 Sizes Available

Captains Of Crush Hand Grippers - 7 Sizes Available
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If you had to pick just one grip strength tool, this is it:



  • Original, authentic, unmatched --- the gold standard for building and testing grip strength
  • Designed to produce the quickest gains in grip strength and hand health
  • Premium materials, proprietary elements, precision manufacturing and unrivaled customer support --- all from the USA
  • Available in 7 strengths for a perfect fit, whether you are just starting off, rehabilitating an injury, or can already crack coconuts with your bare hands
  • CoC Sport c. 80 lb.
    For teenage athletes, weekend warriors, strong guys who like light warm-ups.

    CoC Trainer c. 100 lb.
    For everyone who is ready for serious grip training: athletes, public safety & military personnel.

    CoC No. 1 c. 140 lb.
    Most people who lift weights can't close this gripper. If your safety or someone else's depends on your hand strength, master this level.

    CoC No. 1.5 c. 167.5 lb.
    Ease into the No. 2.

    CoC No. 2 c. 195 lb.
    Success here means you've got a grip to brag about. If someone's life or your sport depends on your grip strength, conquer this gripper.

    CoC No. 2.5 c. 237.5 lb.
    A stepping stone to the No. 3.

    CoC No. 3 c. 280 lb.
    Certifying on the Captains of Crush No. 3 Gripper is the most widely-known and highly-respected feat of grip strength in the world.

Captains of Crush Grippers blazed new trails in the gripper world, taking what had been largely a cheap, imported plaything and turning it into a beautifully designed and crafted tool for serious strength athletes. Made in the USA and known worldwide, nothing else puts power in the palm of your hand like a Captains of Crush Gripper. 

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