Harbinger 10' Trigger Handle Jump Rope

Harbinger 10' Trigger Handle Jump Rope
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Ergonimically designed "Trigger Grip" handles maximize control while providing the maximum in comfort during training.

Dual-Corded rope will not stretch or lose its shape.

Handle bearings provide a smooth, consistent swing motion and are highly durable.

10ft. length that can be shortened.

To determine the proper length of your jump rope, loop the middle of the rope around your left foot, holding the handles in your left hand. When you completely straighten the rope upward, the handles should be level with the top of your armpit. If the rope reaches further than the top of your armpit, the rope should be shortened.

To shorten your rope, remove the end cap of one of the rope handles. Push the rope through until you can see the end of the rope. There should be two metal crimps on the rope end. One of the crimps has been crimped to hold the rope in place. The second is unused and should be used as the crimp once you adjust the rope to its proper length. Measure the amount of rope you want to cut off. Cut the rope. Crimp the unused crimp about 1” from the end of the rope. Slide the rope end back into the handle and replace the rope handle cap. Measure the rope length carefully because once the rope is shortened, you can’t add length to the rope.

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