Harbinger Deluxe Ab Straps

Harbinger Deluxe Ab Straps
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Made out of heavy duty cordura nylon with steel grommets for the maximum in strength and durability.

Straps have locking, forged steel carabineers that hook into any universal gym.

Inside bottom of strap has 1.5 inch, heavy duty, high density foam to support and cushion the arms during use, covered with a soft, brushed nylon for comfort.

Side straps have been lined with a brushed nylon that protects the arms and makes the Ab Straps easier and more comfortable to use.

How to use ab straps:

Each hanging ab strap is secured to the pull-up bar using a stainless steel carabineer. To attach the carabineer to the pull-up bar, unscrew the round fitting on the carabineer counter clockwise. The fitting will slide down and allow the carabineer to open up. Once you have released the carabineer closure on each of the ab straps, secure the ab straps to the pull-up bar. Lock the carabineer closure by turning the round fitting clockwise. (Check to make sure the carabineer is firmly secured onto the pull-up bar before using).

Space the ab straps about shoulder width apart on the pull-up bar. Put each upper arm into the ab strap and let yourself hang until your body becomes still. This is your starting position. You are now ready to train your abs!

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