Title Infused Foam Double End Bag

Title Infused Foam Double End Bag
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TITLE Infused Foam® technology, the rage sweeping the world in boxing equipment manufacturing and performance, is now exclusively available in these striking bags. All new light weight, more impact-resistant Infused Foam® core offers an exhilarating, realistic and more real action training experience for all skill levels. Durable engineered leather shell with triple nylon stitching, fully welted seams, and riveted security loops for professional, long-lasting results. Infused Foam® eliminates the need for an inside air filled bladder, and avoids air leaks and replacement hassles. More realistic responses and rebounds than traditional air filled double end bags helps increase punching accuracy, power and precision, with all punches. Varied sizes for all skill levels and action. Ideal for all punches and strikes – jabs, power punches, hooks, uppercuts, elbow strikes and more. Perfect for working on slipping, counter punching and defensive tactics. Comes complete with a durable nylon-wrapped rubber double end bag cable, a braided nylon strap, and top and bottom metal security hangers, if needed.

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